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Welcome to the new site for Stems & Petals – fiction by Tory Temple!

Actual blog content coming soon 🙂 But for now, please check out my new book co-written with Chris Owen, “Never Too Early: The Beginning”.

Never Too Early: The Beginning by Tory Temple and Chris Owen

3 thoughts on “New Site

  1. Hi Tory,
    I’m so excited to start reading this new series you have with Chris Owen. I’ve already read both the Jake & Tor and your Heat series, but before I start this new series, I want to reread them all. Any suggestion regarding the order I should read them? Also would you be able to tell me how many books will be in this new series Never Too Early?
    Thank you! Claire

    1. Hi Claire!

      For my firemen, I suggest starting with Heat and then Flashover. From there, you can read the Tinder stories, although Chance and Tucker are only in that one sporadically. Same goes for the By the Numbers series! Chance makes an appearance, but briefly.

      Never Too Early will have at least one more novel. Depending on how things go with that one, it’s possible there could be a fourth, but we’re honestly not sure yet. Thanks so much for your interest!

      1. Thank you very much Tory. I’m looking forward to the third Never Too Early and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the fourth. 🙂

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